Wild man, don't you forsake me. Your thunder chases your lightning.  And the sky, swallows the dark night as the full moon pushes the high tide.

Civilized, disconnected.  I don't know what the next is.  All I know is that I don't want this cellophane microwaved dish. What was wild is now rejected.  The intellect is so conflicted.  All I know is that I don't want this cellophane microwaved dish.  Take me where the wilderness is. Set me free among the mystics. All I know is I that I don't want this cellphone microwaved dish.

Wild man, deep in your darkness there's bear skin medicine magic.  And you know we all have been wounded in this modern day madness.

Endless mind you never stop.  I build a fire...smothered by your thoughts.  Smell a rat and choke it down.  There's no escape, its only me here now.

Hey, I'm feeling upside down

Sublimate the animal.  Who is who, it's so hard to tell.  What's done is done.  To each his own.  Forget the flesh I want to be the bones.


Burn the sky, stars take cover, lovers bleed yourselves dry.  Morning light, you like to wander, can you tell me now why?

Can you hear the coming thunder.  There's no innocence in this.  The paradox, she likes to plunder.  She is beautiful and mutinous.

Wait for the sun. We will wait for the sun.

Darkness falls, the moons reflecting.  She is dreaming of the other side.  She takes me in and I start confessing.  Will she hear me out tonight?


Am I man?  Am I machine?  It feels as though the difference grows vague.  Every step is mechanical, I walk in single file towards a goal that sits behind an opaque sky.  Oh my.

I saw death in the desert by a petting zoo outside of Bonnie Springs.  He said "if you drink the waters from the vessels of your fathers" your ship may never know the open sea.  The open sea is calling me.

I feel as though we're living in an age of arrogance where we all play Ken and Barbie in convertible corvettes in the heat of the mojave drinking cocktails in the lobby of some plastic Playboy fantasy that melts when it gets wet.  Has it got wet?  Not yet.


Ask the questions or medicate this tendancy to overthink the natural rhythm of the way these things are meant to be.   Digging deeper, digging deeper, should I run or should I keep her.  Closer, closer, stir the pot then see what shit comes up.

Disappointed eternal youth you fed the beast then set him loose amongst the sheep who never knew that you could be so cruel.  You built it up then you burned it down.  You brought them in then you threw them out.   You always see a gap between what is and what should be.

Well I will deconstruct and find the part that put this chaos in my heart, that put this chaos in my heart.   Peter pan and Icarus, those archetypal myths in us, well we don't have to say "grow up," but we should say goodbye.

Searching for that missing link that makes a whole from separate things.   A sinner that can't be redeemed will always need a church.  Looking for the center from the outer to the inner, a perpetual beginner always learning that I don't know.

Well I will deconstruct and find the part that put this chaos in my heart, that put this chaos in my heart.   An infantile regression where more questions lead to questions, it's the blackhole of obsessions, and I can't seem to let it go .


There are no guarantees she says. Empty you until there's nothing left. I lost myself in dirty love again, but life is most living next to death. There's nowhere to hold on. Where do I start and where is it she ends. Which of us will break and which will bend. I lost myself in this dirty love abyss, but if I die at least I gave my best.

In the killing fields of the Serengeti plains man was much more simple in his pain. Shelter, food, and fire, with nothing else to gain, he had everything

These drifting thoughts collect inside my head like a bolt of lightning swallows the sky. And in the space between the rolling thunder's scream I hear everything and I hear them sing "look at you, you're a luck man."

Waking up to go to work again to the cubicle that cooks the flesh of men. Where the chef sings a hymn, that is a warning not to sin or lose everything and I hear him sing, "look at you, you're a lucky ma."

You better stop before everything you ever loved is gone.

Swallowed whole by a beast cast from steel and stone. Down the throat of a machine love has never known. The cannibals all chew their food well like they've been told, looking for another lonely individual.

I want to pierce through the mask and become unkown, I'm moving on.

A million ways I have failed from what fear keeps closed, I'm moving on.

Spinning world, spin me off if I won't let go, I'm moving on.

No other way for me to learn the things I need to know, I'm moving on.

The clenching mind stole the blue from the waning sky. And crushed the curves of the earth with its heavy lines. Now the animals are driving cars and drinking wine with no memory of anything remotely wild.

Darkness, light, redemption and the fall I've brought them all down on me. It's all right here for you to see. Set behind the veil of self importance and self absorption there's this beautiful ugliness.

A strangely formed apology, this human flaw is part of me. When fear is here, love is gone. When one is right, then one's alone, it's so easy to be cynical. So love me hear and fear be gone.

Reaching for the bottom from the top, what is it that I thought I got, because what I thought IS what I got. Waiting for the ending to begin, I brought the end because it's inwards out not outwards in.