Anxiousness rises
like methane from the sea floor
seeking open flame


Some days love feels like
500 pound gorillas
Awkwardly mating

Fiery Flesh

Your eyes like sun flares
Bursts of wild raw energy
Set my flesh on fire

Rotten Eggs

Strange anxiety
Gurgles up like gas bubbles
Smells like rotten eggs


3rd cup of coffee
Makes my hands like leaves in wind
My thoughts like Beavis

Rubber Suit

To fight the dark mood
Is to climb vaseline walls
In a rubber suit

The Ocean Floor

On the ocean floor
(The unconscious metaphor)
Strange things are living


The sea is restless
Wind promotes insurrection
"Go forth and make waves"

Burning Bag of Dog Shit

I sense the mischief
A burning bag of dog shit
Beckons from the past


After ravishing
Be still like the summer stream
Lazy and content


Beneath the surface
A fire burns in the belly
Wanting to ravish

Dream Hemorrhoid

Sleep constipation
PUSH...and PUSH the mind to rest
Suffer dream hemorrhoid


Digestive system
Sorry for beer and pizza
I note your complaint


Wrinkles in earth's skin
Thrust upwards to form rmountains
Providing retreat

Caged Manimal

Back in the office
The manimal has been caged
Flinging his feces

Uncaged Manimal

In the untamed night
I saw a wild man running
Calling me to join


Into the unknown
So dark one must feel to see
And think with the heart

Los Angeles

The LA sunrise
Slowly melts into the sky
Like gooey starbursts


Ego is a child
always cries, never enough
sucks my nipples raw


Winter falls asleep
Spring wakes like a tired old man
in need of coffee


Oh discursive mind
Distract me like an infant
In need of a breast


Sun oh sunny sun
My skin questions your advance
Will you stay this time?

Wool Underwear

Sandpaper panties
Chafe like Donald Trump's hair piece
Rubbing on Snooki

External Validation

Leave me be my foe
external validation
I loathe your deep freeze


Questions like stars in the sky
Answers like black holes

The Human Condition

Human condition
you wild eight armed circus freak
pleasure and pain me

Back to Work

Cubicle stockyard
Sedentary animals
Feeding at the trough


Rain paints the city
Vaseline on black asphalt
Slippery still life


Re-Bar Seeking Form:
Prefers quick drying concrete
grainy and well mixed

Walking to Work

Sun throws light due west
Skyscrapers deflect back east
Caught in the crossfire


She feeds city crows
a multitude, sky turns black
a prayer for the dead


Winter snow please melt
Fill the fallow riverbeds
Crush their stubborn stones

Good Morning

Light builds up textures
High into the waxing sky
Collapsing on night


A blanket of gray
Winter paints sky monochrome
Yearning for summer


Scaffolding climbs up
Old bones of a derelict
Building past its prime


Hello nemesis
Dance me to oblivion
I will kiss your feet


Coffee slaps my face
Feeds my soul like little kids
Snorting pixie sticks


Oh, Seattle rain
You dog that shakes itself dry
on my winter head

Antidote to Blah

Robinson Jeffers,
Carl Jung, and Joseph Campbell
antidote to blah!


Sleep's memory stays
Straddles the crack between worlds
Mines the dream's canyon


The dream world feels like
Steve Martin and David Lynch
Messing with my head

Red Wine

Bottle of red wine
Full of poetry last night
Forked tongue this morning